In Toy Medium: Materialism and Modern Lyric, Daniel Tiffany writes that "few ideas are more deeply entrenched in Western society than the assumption that poetry and scientific materialism are antithetical modes of knowledge, having produced two disparate—and perhaps incommensurable—cultures". Bruno Latour's work on what he calls "iconophilia" in the negotiation between artistic, religious, and scientific discourses is very germane to this discussion. Kac highlight the ways in which the poetic informs how "meaning is constructed in science", the example of "Genesis'" problematics of translation shows just how complex the negotiation of science and poetics can be when considered in light of the e-poetic- and digital humanities-inflected principle of coding as interpretation and mediation. The chapter presents some clsoing thoughts on the concepts discussed in this book. It presents the designation of the multilingual, multimedia objects in Latin American, that are specifically attuned to the ways that work by some techno-artists departs from a specific cultural cartography.