Over the course of this block, children will face an array of transport-related challenges from soap-powered boats to cotton reel cars and flying machines. Children will consider the forces at work as they load, test and race their vehicles.

Balloon car race

Empty water bottles or small boxes; screw lids; wooden dowels, skewers or pencils; sticky tape; scissors; elastic bands; balloons; old CDs; thick card; modelling clay

Cotton reel car race

Cotton reel car made without the washer; cotton reels; burnt/used matchsticks or chopped skewers; elastic bands; pencils; flat washers; pencil alternatives: straws, nails, skewers; matchstick alternatives: paper clips, pipe cleaners

Power boat race

Aluminium foil; foil trays; card; cardboard boxes; paper; empty water bottles; cotton reels; elastic bands; burnt/used matches; flat washers; duct tape; masking tape; sticky tape; lolly sticks; pencils; straws; corks; a water tray or piping

Soap boat race

Water; rice cereal; washing-up liquid; thick card; scissors; PVA glue; liquid hand soap; hand cleaning gel; cotton buds; a water tray or piping

Parachute slow race

Plastic bin bags; string or wool; Lego people; scissors; sticky tape; yoghurt pots

Flying saucers

Frisbee™; paper plates (two sizes); sticky tape; scissors; felt tip pens

In preparation for this block, create a league table for teams to record their successes in each race. You will also need to consider where you will complete races. Although the key components for each session are listed here, you may want to have a wider variety of material available for children to choose from.