In the final two chapters of this book, I want to offer some thoughts and actions for moving forward as we live our extraordinary lives in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). What can we do next? Here in Chapter 9, I build on the content of Chapter 5 to address the potential of TESOL workplace settings in schools, universities, and ministries/government entities (and elsewhere in the workforce) to support teachers along their career paths. I make a first effort to describe how to move from the micro level of noticing our own rewards and milestones (details in Chapter 8) to making changes and adjustments to our professional lives based on our own individual styles, behaviors, efforts, and needs. Entitled “Moving Forward – The Roles of Educational Organizations and Professional Associations for Intentional TESOL Career Path Development,” the significant organizations in our lives can help us (or hurt us) with workplace and professional association efforts. And finally, Chapter 10 addresses some ideas on launching a plan ahead for teachers – for making positive, intentional steps in our career path development.