Re-imagining Rights: reproductive politics and the quest for justice. In this concluding chapter, I draw on indigenous notions of reproductive rights and justice introduced in the previous chapter to reflect on what plural notions of justice come to mean in practice. I combine Sen’s work on realisation focused justice with that of feminist and anthropological critiques of reproductive rights and justice to further ground the concept of reproductive politics developed in the book. Focusing on institutional and community engagement with sexual and reproductive health rights frameworks in the global south, the chapter brings together the novel and critical insights of the book: on the relationship between justice and rights as locally mediated; on emergent forms of gendered politics of rights; on re-configured frameworks of citizen-state relations; on the collaboration and contestation between civil society organisations and the state as well as in relation to the communities they serve; and the place of health-related rights in the ‘deepening’ of justice and democracy in India.