This chapter shows how tutor training and a more linguistically diverse clientele contributed to changes in the Wisconsin-Superior Writing Center (UWSWC)'s talk. It also shows that the change in the UWSWC's clientele using tutors' and student writers' own comments to prove and illustrate the change. A first major change in tutors' talk between 2000 and 2017 relates to their use of comma talk, as manifested in the keyness of their use of the writing-related keyword "comma." A second major change in tutors' talk was tutors' more key use of "maybe," which also suggested a move away from talk about commas and sentence structure. Analysis of student writers' most frequent lexical bundles also revealed positive changes in student writers' talk. In 2017, unlike 2000, student writers contributed sufficient talk in sufficiently long turns to produce four-word lexical bundles. This finding indicates that student writers participated more in their conferences than the 2000 student writers did.