This chapter argues that the meaning of memes derives from their exploitation in context. Many memes of Pepe the Frog by the mid-2010s were spared of the feel-good vibe of the original cartoon. Memes are the common Internet vocabulary. The disturbing, informative, or simply funny and sarcastic memes act as beacons to the larger blogposts by the politician. Fast-food media in this case become a ‘teaser’, a promise of an informational or political ‘meal’ with a more substantial nutritional value. Political meme as a joyful vehicle with meaningful content enhances the logic of satire: it is intertextual, disobedient and multi-linked with layers of political and cultural knowledge. The mindbomb concept means coining a symbolic message of visual strength, something that would express an idea in a nutshell and have an emotional impact. A mindbomb may not incite an immediate reaction in the recipient, but may lay dormant until the time other triggers make it detonate.