This chapter looks into the memes that circulated on Twitter on the eve of the election day, 7–8 November 2016. Donald Trump won the elections through weaponising memes, some researchers claimed. Memes have become the fast food of modern politics. The meme makers fought Clinton not just with content, but with the shape of expression. Memes have the power of serving as ‘inside jokes’. People who pretend to be knowledgeable of politics may take their information from the memes like this – and then, without questioning the content, promote the ideas to the others. The memes on Trump accessories that used juxtaposition received a considerable number of likes and shares. Memes amplify and propagate – yet, it is down to the awareness of the Internet crowds to interpret and make sense of memes. Memes may not have won the election for Donald Trump, but they may have given the bonding spirit to those who united against the establishment.