This chapter describes the basic principles of social justice that undergird Refugia and shows how a Refugian social identity can be fostered. It demonstrates that there are practical and credible ways of improving lives in Refugia–through homemaking, effecting solidarity, creating a smart card/app/chip, adopting innovative democratic policies, and improving livelihoods, education, healthcare, and security. The chapter suggests that Refugia would reach for a good society, drawing on a clear set of precepts that are the foundation of such a society–one which allows a decent life, a life worth living, for all. Many Refugians share the experience of a common trauma, having been displaced by violent conflicts, including civil wars and ethnic cleansing. Refugians will be pleased to know that friendly designers and architects have been hard at work at producing shelters immeasurably superior to a tent. Specialist Refugian builders and contractors will find employment in assisting novice housebuilders.