Psychoanalysis points out that what it calls “superego” represents ethical concerns but can take a negative turn, spiral out of contact with reality, become over-condemning. Aspects of Kabbalah and psychoanalysis agree on the importance of creative interaction between apparently competing states, love and hate, for example. W. R. Bion notes that each state contributes another window on the world, another way of seeing. Psychoanalysis challenges to build capacity to support emotional life without resorting to violence—although experiencing emotional life itself can be violent. Psychoanalysis targets an emotional component and ways to work with it, ways very much open to personal and intersubjective experiment. Bion speaks of a big bang of the psychological universe and D. C. Matt a big bang of the spiritual universe. Sexual linking as a sign of renewal, making new babies of mind and spirit. D. Meltzer often refers to psychoanalytic babies, expressive of psychological birth processes and dramas of union and difference.