Our emotional capital is built up through communication, though this needs some qualification. The communication needs to be of a certain kind for it to build up our emotional capital. The pioneer in the field of attachment behaviour was John Bowlby. Initially Bowlby claimed that maternal deprivation produced physical, intellectual, behavioural, and emotional damage. Researchers in the school of Bowlby have demonstrated that intellectual and physical disadvantage are usually unimpaired by maternal deprivation, but emotional development is strangled. The patient who comes to our consulting-room is frequently clamouring against social forces that he or she finds difficult to resist. The patient may be the sane one, and it is his or her very sanity that needs to be strengthened sufficiently to stand up against an outer madness. If an adult gives to another adult the same ingredient that a mother gives to her child, then the one to whom that is given grows in his or her constructive development.