The ‘Psychological Wednesday Society’, the little group of five or six people, sympathizers of various origins, who had begun in 1902 to meet once a week in S. Freud’s waiting room apparently at W. Stekel’s suggestion, gave birth in 1908 to the ‘Vienna Psycho-Analytical Society’. The analytical hour lasted 55 minutes, for six and later five days a week. Each of diaries is plainly decisively influenced by the emotional state of the analysand at the time of the meeting with the great man. Hilda Doolittle’s testimony is her Tribute to Freud, a book defined by E. Jones in a brief review as the most delightful and precious document on Freud’s personality that has ever been written, a lovely flower’. Freud then showed her some of his favourite statuettes—the ‘expeditions’ to the other room—and one day when he received a basket of oranges, he gave her a branch.