Donald Woods Winnicott must have felt quite proud for having completed the exhaustive and exhausting training in both adult and child psychoanalysis and to have received such approval from no less a figure than Ernest Jones. Winnicott also seems to have provided a supply of training patients for students at the Tavistock Clinic. Many writers and teachers exerted a very great influence on Winnicott's development; but perhaps Winnicott's greatest source of inspiration and knowledge during his mature years came from his own work with the patients themselves. During his marriage to Alice Taylor, Winnicott published only one book—a textbook on paediatrics. Donald Winnicott and his wife often had the opportunity to meet the glittering array of talent. Some of the evacuated children in Winnicott's hostels, most of whom had experienced considerable emotional disruptions before the war had even begun, displayed extreme delinquency, as well as overtly psychotic reactions.