Donald Woods Winnicott's favourite television programmes included "Match of the Day", which broadcast highlights of sporting events, and "Come Dancing", which demonstrated ballroom techniques. Winnicott first met Mr Harry Karnac around 1958, after Karnac had begun recommending his books to customers. Winnicott came into the bookshop one day and thanked Mr Karnac for waving his banner—in other words, for promoting his publications. Apart from the glowing and revealing posthumous tributes, at least four other aspects of Winnicott's personality stand out quite sharply, and these all proved important in his work — namely, his modesty, his eccentricity, his sense of humour, and his capacity for sadism. An striking example of Winnicott's passion for being helpful might be his willingness to pay for the psychoanalytic treatment of a woman known as "Susan"—a very regressed patient who underwent a lengthy analysis with Mrs Marion Milner. Donald Winnicott maintained an account with Midland Bank, at the branch on Wigmore Street.