The idea of making the unconscious conscious, one of the most famous Freudian phrases, could be used to characterize J. Breuer and Sigmund Freud's stated goal when they published Studies on Hysteria (1893). Not only did Breuer and Freud offer a new way of understanding hysteria, but Freud's last chapter in this volume presents a remarkable view of his early development as a psychotherapist. Freud tells us (1916) that "psycho-analysis started with researches into hysteria", and that hypnosis was his original therapeutic technique. Thus in Freud's early conceptualizations about hysteria, he maintained that the symptoms associated with hysteria were related to painful, anxiety-provoking memories that were stored apart from the person's primary or conscious ideas about himself. When Freud saw Dora for the last time in April 1902, he was still suspicious of her. He stated, "Dora came to see me again: to finish her story and to ask for help once more.