Sandor Ferenczi's diary, written primarily between 1931 and 1933 and published recently, indicates Ferenczi's depth of feeling for Freud. Still his criticism of Freud is one that has merit simply on the basis of the statement of Freud's technical papers. Today, with the amount of emphasis on preoedipal deficits or conflicts, it is possible to say only that the criterion for termination of analysis must to some extent be independent of one's theoretical position. That is, it should be possible to say that the patient will have certain changes in affect or perceptions or behavior as criteria for analytic change and termination. This chapter considers the preliminary labour performed by constructions. Freud's position on mistaken constructions is one that has many aspects. He seems relaxed about the possibility of mistaken constructions and seems to imply that occasional mistakes will be tolerated by the patient. Freud's idea of indirect associations or confirmation of interpretations is an interesting and potentially testable idea.