According to M. Edmundson, the author of The Death of Sigmund Freud: The Legacy of His Last Days, Freud believed that taking God into the mind enriches the individual immeasurably. This chapter describes some of the elements that constitute a so-called "adult" religious outlook, a way of being in the world in which, among other characteristics, "man transcends his individual ego" and "transfers the center of reference to others, and thus transforms self-love into, simply, love" for the Other. The saintly Mother Teresa shocked the world, especially the religious world, when she wrote in her missionary letters that amid the suffering masses that she so selflessly and ably tended to, she failed to feel "even the smallest glimmer" of God's presence in the world. In the mind and heart of the God-seeker, and for many who are spiritually inclined, the beauty of nature represents an act of "divine condescension", an expression of His infinite love for mankind.