This chapter shows the nature of the hidden world of sadistic perpetrators. Dr. Zehn has no affectionate or loving relationships in the outside world. When Dr. Zehn helps anyone within the extended family, this help has to have a monetary value for him. Conversely however, he expects all kinds of support for himself and for his family without his having to pay a thing. Only a few of us have been disturbed so far by the fact that in the case of traumatic memories only those memories of the victims of sadistic violence have been so massively questioned, and questioned by such a commercially powerful organization like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The Dr. Zehns of this world have many victims; the demand for new merchandise is huge. They profit from selling their own children; they train other children, program and hawk these "commodities" to their customers worldwide. They themselves aren't just salespeople, but also perpetrators with especially sadistic tendencies.