The subject of psychosomatic disorders, such as asthma, eczema, migraine, is more difficult, for though it appears that they are sometimes helped by psychotherapy, the grounds for so thinking are empirical and not well understood. So treatment for their physical aspect must be ensured, and additional evidence looked for when considering the desirability of analytical therapy. Motivation is related to transference, which can readily be thrown into relief when a patient goes first of all to an analyst who has a good reputation, but is there also when he is referred to one who is not known to him. The use of interpretations as a means of assessing motivation and the patient's suitability for analytical therapy is interesting. For many patients their motivation seems to depend upon the analyst's capacity to intervene appropriately and if necessary interpret. The conditions for a full analysis to be undertaken have been reviewed. The subject of fees interrelates with the question of interview frequency.