This chapter explores very complex and difficult question of dreams—a topic to which have given considerable thought. Dreams are that the scenario, the narration of the drama of the dream, can never be exactly what has really been dreamt. In interpreting a dream what counts is the dream that is re-created when it is being narrated, for then all the feelings and perceptions arising from the session are brought together into play. The dream scenario as created during the session represented a street from her childhood: we had gone backwards, regressed, into another time—or Liliane had re-created another time in the present, re-actualizing it. Wilfred Bion said that psychotics cannot differentiate between dreams and reality; his own way of putting it would be to say that the psychotic is a dreamer who does not know he is dreaming. The Oedipal situation was, however, present in Liliane's infantile ego part.