Difference between the sexes was and is conceptualised in different ways in the course of history, in different societies, disciplines, and theories, although their points in common are also worthy of note. The aspect heavily permeates fantasies about women and locates them as the other of a masculine subject. It is one of the strongest and most frequent versions of sexual difference. It produces inevitable intradisciplinary effects in the psychoanalytic field. The practice of sacrifice linked to the notion of the sacred is observed to be intimately connected with relations between men and women and their conceptualisations in accepted discourses. Contradictory discourses with respect to sexual difference suffuse the history of culture; for example, especially since the nineteenth century, different variants of feminism coexist with frankly androcentric discourses. The sexual migrations that accompany the phenomenon of postmodernity organise narratives that acquire special resonance in view of their increased social acceptance in the context of globalisation.