This chapter focuses on the uncertainty of meanings attributed to masculine–feminine dualism organised as a binary polarity and its consequences in relation to the notion of sexual difference. It highlights the coexistence of contradictory and heterogeneous discourses in cultures regarding masculine–feminine polarity. The chapter identifies different planes on which to analyse processes of construction of subjectivity: masculine–feminine polarity is a cultural principle to which significations are assigned, such as yin and yang. Between gender difference and sexual difference relations are complex and often contradictory in a context of multiple temporalities. The question regarding eventual vicissitudes of these logics in the sphere of construction of subjectivity is open, as is also the delimitation of the question regarding adult sexual theories and their influence on the construction of theories in general. Access to a symbolic universe in a context of social bonds depends on multiple operations of symbolic thirdness that include the other and others and transcends narcissistic enclosure.