An erotic daydream can take several forms: a story worked in one's mind, the usual experience labelled "daydream"; a story published by another, not intended as pornography; the same intended as pornography; or the preferred, perhaps necessary behavior that makes up one's erotic style. Daydreams are secrets pieced together from secrets. At their core is humiliation of two sorts. First, to reveal the exact details of the script would be humiliating, too revealing of one's needs. Second, those exact details are invented to hide from their author, and at the same instant reverse knowledge of humiliations already suffered. To give the reader the sense that humiliation is a force in all pornography would require subjecting all pornography to examination. Pornography is at the end of a continuum at the other side of which is erotic excitement caused by a real person accepted fully—intimately—in his/her selfhood; not fetishized, dehumanized, mythologized, romanticized, exaggerated, worshipped.