If one's personality significantly changes, for whatever reasons, one's erotic fantasies change. If one claims change but one's excitement does not change, then the changes are superficial. To say it again but with words with added connotations: if one's identity changes, expect the erotic scripts to change. In this chapter, the author says that his friend turned to non-pornographic magazines for transvestites, in which a different kind of story was printed, so different that you or I or a transvestite a transvestite who needs the high sadomasochism theme would not recognise it as erotic. In these stories, a man clearly identified as masculine and with no weakness in his maleness, out of free will—not forced submission—is trained by a loving, cooperative woman to understand fashion, to apply makeup properly, to wear a wig properly, to dress appropriately as a woman, and to carry himself in an unremarkably feminine way.