To investigate the “untouchable”, it behoves us to take a closer look at what is “touchable” in an analytic therapy group. The ability of two people to look into each other’s eyes at the same time enables a crossing of boundaries but paradoxically at the same time preserves a proper distance. The dynamics around this event were surprising and similar to Bion’s notion of “the catastrophic change”. The dynamics that he describes are like those described by Kristeya that is, the larger the hurt inflicted by ridiculing or dismissing someone, the greater the need to re-emphasise law and order. The word “slut”, though denigrating, led at the end to the creation of real contact, whereas the more clear categories “lesbian” and “Eastern, Oriental man” only led to distancing and alienation. The areas that are hardest to touch are those areas of human evil, aggression, racism, and prejudice.