Born in 1944, Christopher Bollas is an American who, after his first psychoanalysis as a student, subsequently became intellectually interested in it. He became a professor of English literature with an abiding interest in psychoanalysis which would ultimately see him forsake academic life for clinical work. Bollas came to Britain in 1973 to train simultaneously as a psychoanalyst in the British Institute of Psychoanalysis and as a psychotherapist at the Tavistock Training Institute. Adam Phillips is on Winnicott's territory in his first collection of eleven essays on phenomena of everyday non-climactic experience. He expands understanding of Winnicott's "fact of dependence" by featuring experiences—tickling, and being bored for example—which by their nature imply the presence of the other. "Returning the Dream" is subtitled "In Memoriam Masud Khan" after Phillips's analytic "father", and widens understanding of Khan, the person, his thinking, and his relation to England and the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS).