Pearl King was born in East Croyden, Surrey in 1918. She was raised in Africa and from 1941 to 1946 studied at Bedford College, University College London and qualified as a social and industrial psychologist. She has been politically active and concerned with workers' rights throughout her life. John Rickman was her training analyst and Marion Milner was her second analyst after Rickman's sudden death. Dr. Andreas Giannakoulas began in the British Institute of Psychoanalysis as a member of the Anna Freud Group. His first analysis was with Rubenstein, an English analyst; his second was with Masud Khan; and he was himself already an analyst and an ordinary member of the BPAS when in analysis with Marion Milner. P1 and P2 are both "professional analysands" as they are mental health professionals with a knowledge of psychoanalysis and so can attest to the nature of the "clinical Milner".