Pearl King has been celebrated for her significant contribution to psychoanalysis worldwide. Like Winnicott she is a committed clinician, an independent and pluralistic thinker, a bridge builder, motivated communicator, preoccupied with a collaborative stance with parents, with non-dogma, and a supporter of fair systems. Andreas Giannakoulas has taken a pluralist career path, showing great curiosity and receptivity to the thinking of others whilst growing in independence. He is a major exponent and scholar of the thinking of both Marion Milner and D. W. Winnicott and personifies the between space of their thinking, emphasising the considerable influence that Marion was for Winnicott. Like Winnicott, Jennifer Johns too is a bridge-builder, who takes a non-dogmatic stance and is a skilled communicator, articulating the dilemmas and capturing the mood within the BPAS and the psychoanalytic community. She is an independent thinker who has maintained the link between Winnicott's thinking and medicine.