Marion Blackett Milner was born in London in 1900 and died there in 1998 after a long, enjoyed life and a distinguished career during which she painted and wrote prodigiously, producing seven books and many articles. Milner kept a diary from age eleven and travelled extensively up until 1975. The patient "Susan", who is the subject of Milner's book The Hands of the Living God for which Winnicott wrote a foreword, was found by Alice Winnicott in a psychiatric hospital and lived with the Winnicotts until the end of their marriage. Winnicott's "third area of experience" is also the first unit of inspection for Milner. From the start, Milner was oriented towards the interior. Her membership paper and its sequel were on "the fantasy of the internal object". At one point she equates experience with God and she reiterates a phrase from the bible that one should know the "height, breadth, length, and depth of God's love".