Margaret Little was born in South Africa on 21 May 1901 and died on 27 November 1994 aged ninety-three 93. She was raised and educated in Bedford, completing her clinical training at St. Mary's Hospital in 1927, working in general practice and then in general psychiatry. Margaret Little formerly a GP, was a training analyst and an active member of the British Institute of Psychoanalysis's Independent Group, drawing from both sides after qualifying in 1945 amid the Controversial Discussions. Having been with two analysts Little heard Winnicott speak and thought that he could help her. Morris considers that Winnicott's analysis of Margaret Little touches the very heart of the human situation of psychoanalysis: the commitment shown by this "good fit" childless pair is poignant and the fortunate benefactors of Little's candour, which she espoused at no small risk to her own personal reputation and scientific legacy.