Harry J. S. Guntrip began his career as a congregational pastor and Methodist minister. He was a psychologist, fellow of the British Psychological Society, a psychotherapist, and lecturer in the department of psychiatry at the university of Leeds, living close by with his wife and children. Guntrip is considered psychodynamic theory's unsurpassed expositor and Fairbairn's most readable exponent. He synthesises the work of Melanie Klein, Ronald Fairbairn, and Winnicott. Guntrip already had a collegial correspondence with Winnicott and ultimately considered his analysis with him a greater success. Jeremy Hazell was Guntrip's analysand whilst Guntrip was in therapy with Winnicott and has written of this experience. Hazell wrote Guntrip's biography using his journals which accounted for forty-four years of his life, dreams, and analytic sessions with Fairbairn and Winnicott. Hazell's report of the fidgeting, interrupting, and throat clearing which was a feature of the early part of his analysis with Guntrip contrasts with Winnicott's reputation for stillness and silent mutuality.