Klein is not alone in addressing sibling sexual relationships. Many of the foundation myths of ancient civilizations have involved sibling incest. There seems to be a common agreement between the three authors quoted in L. I. Ascherman and E. J. Safier and the views of Melanie Klein and M. Bonaparte, that sibling sexual relationship may ease oedipal conflict, combat loneliness, and encourage sexually appropriate behaviour. They all stress that it is the motives behind the behaviour that determine the nature of the act. If there is a wish by one sibling to gain power and control over the other, then the relationship is damaging and abusive. A distinction needs to be made between the close emotional support that siblings and peers give each other when lonely or engaged in a difficult oedipal battle, such as George Eliot is describing in Mill on the Floss or in her poem Brother and Sister, and children engaging in active sexual behaviour.