Interest in S. Freud's life will be roused because of the light it can throw on his own mind, and because of the light his work has thrown on all our minds. The transference manifestations in hypnotic treatment are difficult to estimate or control. This led to his abandoning hypnotism and taking up a method he had seen Bernheim use of urging the patient to recall memories consciously. Freud was in possession of the theory of repression; it was a mechanism of defence through which, in neurosis, the dreaded impulse succeeds in breaking to some extent. A neurosis was therefore a compromise, the product of interplay between opposing forces in the mind. An entirely new understanding of the neuroses had been reached, and Freud in 1896 gave his method of research and treatment a new name: Psycho-analysis. The problems of psychosis, on which so much light has been thrown by psycho-analysis, are constantly considered in all these connections.