In this chapter, the author and Melanie Klein gave public lectures in 1936 under the title, the emotional life of civilized men and women'. Klein's contribution was called 'Love, guilt and reparation', while she spoke on 'Hate, greed and aggression'. Klein was emphasizing reparation, an aspect of human activity characterizing the depressive position, a stage of development which she had recently formulated. The author considers destructive forces as aggression, contempt, suicide, rivalry, love of power, and illustrates their operation in everyday life. To present a picture of the interaction of self-preservation, pleasure, love and hate adequately would be the same thing as to describe and explain every manifestation of human life. The author describes some of the ways in which we endeavour to deal with and obtain security against the dangerous disintegrating forces of hate and aggression in ourselves, which, if too strong, may lead to painful privations or even to extinction.