This chapter explains an original contribution in understanding and demonstrating with remarkable clarity that it is oral envy that leads the morbidly jealous woman to search for unattainable love and to feel deprived. The morbid jealousy first manifested itself after a period of analysis and might be called a transitory symptom. The patient was a young married woman who came for analysis on account of frigidity in intercourse and certain inhibitions, but hardly of her own accord, though a tendency towards homosexuality perturbed her. S. Freud has described two forms of morbid jealousy: the projected and the delusional. A few more months elucidated the problem; the persecutory jealousy then gradually subsided, and the sensual flirtations were given up, to flicker up later only feebly and sporadically. A psycho-analytic study of jealousy would be hardly conceivable without a reference to Othello.