Sigmund Freud reveals the subject who is split, and he proceeds to outline without fear or favour the concomitant ramifications. There is no doubt that he understood the enormity of his postulations. His fundamental hypothesis strikes a blow to the naive self-love of humankind. The problem for Freud centres on his very point of differentiation from the psychical sciences. Irrespective of the homogenizing effect of globalization, the concept of a Western world or Western culture still holds meaning. Paradoxically, the very framework about the use of which he was so uncritically adamant, is the very means by which his own paradigm-defying contribution to civilization is precluded. The Freudian subject, the dreamer of dreams, is lost to a world that knows only the apprehension of the empirical. As Freud constructed his theory at the turn of the century and onwards, he considered the scientific view of the world to prevail in society in general.