Sigmund Freud located the displacement-movement of the drive which dynamises identificatory elements. He conceptualised it with the word libido. For Freud, libido is the sexual as irrepressible tendency. From the beginning of subjective life, it is a drive aiming at finding substitutes for the lack of being created by the frustration imposed on the child by the mother. Decisive step, Freud notices the sexual aspect of the search for substitutes for the lack of being. He calls it narcissism. Psychoanalytic theory became a theory of the subject with this concept. Psychoanalysis gives an existential status to the object of the sexual drive. This is in opposition to any empirical psychology which uses objects in reality to define needs or sexuality. Freud calls detachable objects from the body phallus. The status of an out-of-the-body signifier is given to the symbolic phallus, signifier linked to the power of the ultimate authority.