The topological approach is manifested as isolation of a signifier and resistance to its function of neighbouring and interconnection with the other signifiers of the unconscious network. Such a procedure is prototypical of obsessional neurosis. This demonstrates the existence of a separated topological entity in the signifying network. The psychoanalyst embodies this formation of the unconscious produced by the analysand. The analyst is the one who accepts to support this deception. Psychoanalysis cannot exist nor begin without what Sigmund Freud calls transference. The psychoanalytic process comprises two constitutive operations of the subject-of-the-unconscious: alienation and separation. The transference bond is a new alienation which must happen for the analysand’s neurosis to become a transference neurosis. The analytic process and setting must adjust themselves to this end. Regularity and length of sessions must vary according to the analyst’s position in the transference.