From the psychoanalytic point of view, the mother transmits to the infant not just biological life, but subjective life. The infant caught in the maternal phantasy becomes a child, a speaking being, inasmuchas it represents for the mother the function of successor in the generations order, as does the number in the whole numbers follow up. The mother transmits the structure through her love, her competency, and her capacity to frustrate the infant from her presence. Depending on where the mother places herself subjectively in relation to the ultimate authority, the transmission can take place or become rigid in a psychotic or neurotic structure. In Sigmund Freudian research, the subjective structure is an interaction between two separate places, the Id and the unconscious Ego. The term subject designates the child invested as the mother’s drive object. This object is constituted as object-cause through the interlacing of bonds of the child with the parents, with process of braiding of the structure.