Psychotherapy centres its effort on treating psychopathologies, and even new pathologies, which emerge all the time in the social field. Psychoanalysis follows the relative invariance of the psychoanalytic clinic put in place by Sigmund Freud on the basis of classical psychiatry. Opposite to the psychiatric clinic, the psychoanalytic clinic is solely concerned with the modalities of lack of being. This lack of being expresses subjectively with a signifier the traumatising perception of the mother without a penis. The psychoanalytic clinic born at the same time as psychiatry is independent from it. Opposite to the voluminous American psychiatric reference manual of disorders classification DSM 4, psychoanalytic research can never consider a symptom as an objective fact, cut off from the truth of the suffering subject. In psychoanalysis the concept of lack of being defines narcissistic libido and the concept of the sexual defines its difference from biological sexuality.