Anecessary link exists between the theory of the subject-of-the-unconscious and knowledge of the symptom modalities. There is no psychoanalytic theory without a clinical theory of the Symptom, written. Sigmund Freud had etched a psychoanalytic concept of health with studying the effect of quantity increase in the psychical apparatus. These effects refer to the unconscious conflict dividing the subject. Subjective health depends on the relation between the phantasy and the different parts of the structure. Freud wanted to show a certain modality of existence between the Ego, the Superego and the Id. The modality of the phantasy puts the subject in conflict with the law. This conflict resolves itself through reducing narcissism, which modifies the grasp of the Ego. It also reduces the portion of autoerotic phantasy that made the field of the Symptom heterogeneous to the other.