Present continuously becomes past, and by the time we take stock of it we are in another present, consumed with planning for the future on the stepping-stones of the past. So to summarise Damasio's position on the neural self: The neural self is continuously being recreated, organised by two specialised sets of neural assemblies understood to be interacting representations, dispositional and corporeal. Feinberg begins to address this issue by focusing on the role memory plays in the creation of the neural self. Schore's right hemisphere orbitofrontal cortex, with the acquisition of the contribution of the maturing the left hemisphere orbitofrontal cortex, combine to correspond to Feinberg's integrative self system. If this is further linked to motor circuits, state of mind coordinates activity in the moment, and it creates a pattern of brain activation that can become more likely in the future. More recent studies confirm that the prefrontal cortex is the last part of the brain to mature.