During two frenetic weeks in August the Communists, behind the mantle of the Vietminh Front, had seized political power in much of Vietnam. Communist strength was measurably weaker in Cochin China than in Tonkin. Under the circumstances, it is hardly surprising that the Communists soon found themselves on the defensive in Cochin China. The French, he said, have sabotaged the peace that China, the United States, Britain, and Russia won at the cost of scores of millions of lives. The French decision to augment its forces and strengthen its military position in North Vietnam may have persuaded the Party leadership that war was unavoidable. The nationalist leaders entered Vietnam in the wake of the Chinese troops and with the latter's assistance soon began to seize control of areas earlier taken by the Vietminh in the mountainous areas north of the capital. The elections of January 6 had resulted in a resounding electoral victory for the Vietminh Front.