This chapter considers the impact of social structure on the individual. It focuses on the relationships between social location and several characteristics that determine the nature and quality of one's life, including education and occupation, values, health, and strength of connection to the society. The chapter introduces Jose, who owns a service station, works long hours, and earns about $60,000 per year. It indicates that relatively common, "everyday" stressors such as moving, starting a new job, changes in relationships, and conflict with family or coworkers affect individuals' physical and mental health, in some cases seriously. The chapter identifies several sources of stress in contemporary life. Occupational status is a key component of social standing and a major determinant of income and lifestyle. Occupational attainment is influenced directly by the individual's educational level and ability and indirectly by socioeconomic background. Education, occupation, and income are the principal measures of socioeconomic status.