The Greek-Catholics marched forward in what the Orthodox had come to fear was an expansionism that set its sights beyond western Ukrainian Galicia to the heartland of Orthodoxy. Some Autocephalists maneuvered to join with Filaret if he could enforce Ukrainian autocephaly and positioned themselves to profit from his failure if he could not. A joint church council of Ukrainian Orthodox loyal to Filaret and representatives of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church convened on June 25, 1992. Official Ukrainian statistics published in early 1993 listed 5,658 Orthodox parishes under Volodymyr and the Moscow Patriarchate. The Orthodox loyal to the Moscow Patriarchate represent over three times the Kiev Patriarchate's numerical strength. Moscow's position is buttressed by the historical Orthodox canonical requirement that autocephaly requires consent of the church from which independence is sought. Another cult movement, the Great White Brotherhood, also tried to attract teenagers away from their families, allegedly using hypnosis and mind-altering drugs to do so.