United States (US) corporations benefited from reconstruction, supply, and service contracts in Iraq. The counterinsurgent is also interested in divisive factors within the population, such as those of an economic or ethnic or religious nature, that can be used to the advantage of either the insurgent or the counterinsurgent. Scahill notes the possibility that a death squad counterinsurgency strategy had been considered or even employed in Iraq. The British followed relatively restrictive guidelines for the use of violence in the heavily Shia region of southern Iraq they controlled, and they disapproved of the US reliance on armored patrols, which tended to alienate the population. The Bush administration created a reconstruction agency for Iraq, the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance, on January 20, 2003. US occupation troops in Iraq were supplemented by Private Military Firms. Sovereignty seemed little more than a sham because of the apparent inability of the Iraqi government to expel Blackwater from the country.