This chapter proposes a solution to the problem of achieving Excellence, Fairness, Inclusion, and Harmony, simultaneously and seamlessly, by the operation of a coherent system for designing and organizing instructional activity, adaptable across grades and subject matters. That solution is the Phase 5 classroom. The defining elements of Phase 5 classrooms are diversified, simultaneous activity settings; organized to provide meaningful contact with like and diverse others; purposeful, integrated instructional tasks; and the enactment of the Five Standards for Effective Pedagogy. The journey to the vision of Phase 5 classrooms has been sinuous, with byways and alternate routes. The vision has revealed itself gradually, by lifting one scrim, then another. Evidence of its effectiveness comes from classrooms of several types. The transformations from classrooms of the common tradition to those of Phase 5 are radical, comprehensive, liberating, vigorous, satisfying—and difficult. Preparation of the next generation of teachers will require an equally radical transformation of teacher education programs.