In April 1927 former Secretary of War Henry Stimson was dispatched by President Calvin Coolidge as an emissary to Nicaragua to negotiate an end to a civil conflict that had broken out after the 1926 elections. In the northern jungles of Nicaragua, Sandino to set up his own government to rule over the Nicaraguan province of Nueva Segovia. There were several key differences between Sandino's insurrection and the others the Marines had faced. With the guerrillas' detailed knowledge of the provinces in which they operated, they appeared to maintain an intelligence system superior to the Marines' own. No different than during the operations in the Philippines, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, the Marines in Nicaragua depended on a combination of civil and military measures to counter Sandino's insurgency. The most important treatment of small wars during the post-Nicaragua period is Lt. Col. Harold Utley's seminal monograph, "Tactics and Technique of Small Wars," which the Gazette serialized in 1931 and 1933.