The essence of Brasilianidade is elusive, in large part because of the multiple non-Brazilian influences upon Brazilian society and culture. Regional types, blurred by internal migration and the effects of the mass media, are still important in Brazil. Mass media have become very important in Brazil; there are 900 magazines, 1,650 newspapers, 3,000 radio stations, and 315 television stations. Brazil has developed a rich literary tradition, particularly in fiction, reflective of its complex culture and society. Forebears of the broad and deep body of writings reflecting Brazilian character and concerns developed the themes of Indianism and regionalism. In the musical realm development of distinctively Brazilian compositions and performing styles came later than in literature. The first Brazilian in the music field to earn international recognition was operatic composer Antonio Carlos Gomes. Brazil enjoyed a one-generation blossoming in the realm of film and has made great strides in television. Brazil's film industry exploded to international attention in the 1950s and 1960s.