When members of formal organizations like the Teamsters' Union in the United States, or a Masonic Lodge, or Catholic monks, or other less organized categories like American Blacks or villagers in India want to lay stress on mutual and unbreakable trust, they may use the word "brother". The magical quality that is part of leadership is inwardly manifested by a colossal and irrational self-confidence, underwriting the capacity to make decisions that ignore or defy the facts. Charismatic qualities can be described in more believable ways, always, however, with a hint of something spellbinding in the person. There are charismatic leaders who fill the political stage by presenting themselves as the exclusive locus of all that is valuable and desirable, as in the case of Hitler, who "embodies the idea and he alone knows its ultimate goal". Leadership strategies to attract, maintain, and manipulate a mass following are different from those used on an entourage who stand close to the leader.