Potentially, over conforming athletes may adopt a sport ethic that includes an overemphasis on winning, playing through pain/injury, sacrificing for the sport, and refusing to accept obstacles in the pursuit of excellence. From these explorations, five “obstacles” that can block athletes’ path to their goals have been identified: Overinvestment, Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, Expectations, and Emotions. Once consultants have a clear understanding of the self-identity and causes of overinvestment in the athletes with whom they are working, they are in a position to help the athletes to actively redistribute their self-identity and reduce investment to a healthy level. As such, another important way for athletes to gain a healthy perspective on their sports lives is to reframe failure. Additionally, consultants can show these athletes how, if necessary, they can let go of their perfectionism and adopt healthier and more productive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in their sports lives.